How my lack of inspiration led me questioning my relation with content.

January 2023

How to Launch, Grow & Lead Your Web3 Community To Success.

November 2022

Or How Web3 Allows Anyone To Own Anything Without Asking For Permission From Anyone.
Can people become the new platforms?
How to create words, images, phrases and signs that'll make your brand loved.

October 2022

I’m publishing about Social Tokens & Web3 more broadly, exploring the possibilities this new revolution is unlocking. If this sounds appealing to you…

August 2022

How Creator-centric Media are encouraging the multiplication of the world's best ideas.

July 2022

On how we need to keep fungible tokens in Tokenized Communities, while disconnecting them from financial value.

June 2022

How to build a moat in a post "Network Effect" era.

May 2022

A Use Case For Transitional Communities - Exploring new models for Community building and creating healthy digital spaces to flourish.
The true unlock of Social Tokens resides in their De-Financialisation as Social Tokens are, before anything else, the tokenization of human interaction…
How Social tokens are shifting from helping content creators better monetize to allowing building a future where decision making & flow of funds are…